A downloadable game for Windows and Android

It’s Not Me is an interactive VR experience featuring the work of Boise-based artist Becka Watkins. Becka’s portfolio and story follows her life from a young child through her struggle and eventual recovery from an eating disorder. As such, this project is meant to act as a conversation piece around topics like self-image, abuse, coping and addiction. 

Throughout the project, users are placed in a series of thematic rooms. Each room reflects a moment in Becka’s journey and is accompanied by a set of equally thematic paintings that can be completed by the user along with audio from a fictionalized version of Becka’s life written by the artist herself. Each one of these rooms essentially makes a gallery, a place where the artwork stands in the context of Becka’s life.

Install instructions


Download entire folder containing the executable and supporting data. Be sure you have a Rift connected, then simply run the executable "It's_Not_Me.exe". 


********Ensure that your Quest is in developer mode*********

Download Apk file

Go to: https://sidequestvr.com/#/download 

  • Download the setup.exe
  • Once installed, ensure your Oculus Quest is plugged in.
  • Ensure that usb debugging is allowed
  • Go to the apps tab in the bottom left between repos and settings
  • Drag the .apk to the Installed Apps text in the top left.
  • The apk will now be installed on the headset and you should see it under Library > Unknown Sources


It's Not Me (Quest) 328 MB
It's Not Me (Rift) 327 MB


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